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2 edition of The cylindrical equal-area projection for a new map of Eurasia and Africa found in the catalog.

The cylindrical equal-area projection for a new map of Eurasia and Africa

Charles Warren Thornthwaite

The cylindrical equal-area projection for a new map of Eurasia and Africa

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    Statementby C. Warren Thornthwaite
    SeriesCalifornia. University. University of California publications in geography -- v. 2, no. 6, University of California publications in geography -- v. 2, no. 6
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    Paginationp. [211]-230 :
    Number of Pages230
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    Aitoff- Proposed by David A. Aitoff in , it is the equatorial form of the azimuthal equidistant projection, but stretched into a ellipse while halving the longitude from the central meridian.: Bonne- a pseudoconical equal-area map parallels are standard, with the same scale as the central meridian; parallels are concentric circles. The Lambert azimuthal equal-area projection is a particular mapping from a sphere to a disk (that is, a region bounded by a circle). It accurately represents area in all regions of the sphere, but it does not accurately represent is named for the Swiss mathematician Johann Heinrich Lambert, who announced it in " Zenithal" being synonymous with "azimuthal", the projection is. Sinusoidal Equal Area Used frequently in atlases to show distribution patterns. Used by the USGS to show prospective hydrocarbon provinces and sedimentary basins of the world. Has been used for maps of Africa, South America, and other large areas that are mainly north-south in extent. An easily plotted equal-area projection for world maps.

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The cylindrical equal-area projection for a new map of Eurasia and Africa by Charles Warren Thornthwaite Download PDF EPUB FB2

Get this from a library. The cylindrical equal-area projection for a new map of Eurasia and Africa. [C W Thornthwaite]. Add tags for "The cylindrical equal-area projection for a new map of Eurasia and Africa". Be the first. Cylindrical equal-area projection of the world; standard parallel at 40°N.

In cartography, the cylindrical equal-area projection is a family of cylindrical, equal-area map projections. The term "normal cylindrical projection" is used to refer to any projection in which meridians are mapped to equally spaced vertical lines and circles of.

In cartography, a map projection is a way to flatten a globe's surface into a plane in order to make a map. This requires a systematic transformation of the latitudes and longitudes of locations from the surface of the globe into locations on a plane.

All projections of a sphere on a plane necessarily distort the surface in some way and to some extent. Lambert first described this equal area projection in It has been used infrequently. Projection method. A normal perspective projection onto a cylinder tangent at the equator.

Points of intersection. The equator. Linear graticules. In the normal, or equatorial aspect, all meridians and parallels are perpendicular straight lines. Conical Projection Two Standard Parallel | दो मानक अक्षांश शंकु प्रक्षेप की रचना #ConicalProjection - Duration: Rainbow7 31, The Equal Area Cylindrical projection, or Lambert Cylindrical projection, or Lambert cylindrical equal-area projection, is a map projection based on a cylinder that is most suitable for world maps where area distortion must be kept to a minimum.

Devised by Johann Heinrich Lambert init is the fourth of seven projections invented by him. A series of modifications were proposed by Gall in. In cartography, the Lambert cylindrical equal-area projection, or Lambert cylindrical projection, is a cylindrical equal-area projection is undistorted along the equator, which is its standard parallel, but distortion increases rapidly towards the any cylindrical projection, it stretches parallels increasingly away from the equator.

equal-area map projection: 1 n a map projection in which quadrilaterals formed by meridians and parallels have an area on the map proportional to their area on the globe Synonyms: equal-area projection Types: homolosine projection an equal-area projection map of the globe; oceans are distorted in order to minimize the distortion of the.

The most popular map projection in the world has been around for years now. It was created by Flemish cartographer Gerardus Mercator in – a time when Antarctica hadn’t even been discovered. Mercator was designed as a navigational tool for sailors as it was most convenient to hand-plot courses with parallel rules and triangles on this map.

A cylindrical projection can be imagined in its simplest form as a cylinder that has been wrapped around a globe at the equator. If the graticule of latitude and longitude are projected onto the cylinder and the cylinder unwrapped, then a grid-like pattern of straight lines of latitude and longitude would result.

The Equal Earth map projection is a new equal-area pseudocylindrical projection for world maps. It looks similar to the widely used Robinson projection, but unlike the Robinson projection, retains.

An equal-area projection purposely centered on Africa in an at A projection that maintains overall shapes and relative positi a map projection in which a region of the earth is projected o.

The form of this projection tangent at the Equator is often called the Lambert Equal-Area Cylindrical projection. That and other special forms of this projection are included separately in this guide, including the Gall Orthographic, the Behrmann Cylindrical, the Balthasart Cylindrical, and the Trystan Edwards Cylindrical projections.

A projection developed to accommodate scanning of satellite devices. Essentially it is a conformal projection, but is different from the Transverse Mercator in that the central line of the projection is the satellite groundtrack, along which distortion is minimized. 4 types of distortion. Equivalent (equal.

2, × ; KB Oceans base 2, × ; MB Tissot indicatrix world map Lambert cyl equal-area 3, × ; MB. A type of cylindrical projection called a Mercator projection shows direction well. It was long used to make charts that sailors could use to find their way around the globe. Like all cylindrical projections, a Mercator projection greatly distorts the size of land near the poles.

In a Mercator projection, Greenland and Africa are about the same. The cylindrical equal-area projection for a new map of Eurasia and Africa by Charles Warren Thornthwaite 1 edition - first published in Not in LibraryWritten works: Instructions and tables for computing potential evapotranspiration and the water balance.

Media in category "Maps with cylindrical projection" The following 50 files are in this category, out of 50 total. main 2, × 1,; MB. map projection graphics. Cylindrical Map Projections. Arden-Close Cylindrical; Arden-Close Novelty projection (Eastern Hemisphere).

What is an Equal Area Projection. An equal area projection is a map projection that shows regions that are the same size on the Earth the same size on the map but may distort the shape, angle, and/or scale. GIS Software. Maptitude Mapping Software gives you all of the tools, maps, and data you need to analyze and understand how geography affects you and your business.

The Cylindrical Equal Area projection uses a normal perspective projection onto a cylinder tangent at the equator. Cylindrical Equal Area. Description. Lambert first described this equal area projection in List of supported map projections.

Every map projection compromises some element (e.g., distance), in favor of other elements. Below are basic examples to show the main types of projections. For a more detailed explanation, with samples, visit the Map Projection Overview by Peter H.

Dana (where. I have a bunch of UK polygons that are saved in my PostGIS database as WGS84 projection. I would like to calculate the area of these polygons using st_area. According to this answer I can save these polygons in any equal-area projection to do this.

Is it really true that I can use any equal-area projection. It depends on the purpose. If you want to focus on a relatively small area (50 million km² – 20 million sq mi), with or without global context, then I personally find Lambert’s Azimuthal Equal-Area projection, centered in the area of interest very.

EPSG Method for This is the spherical form of the projection. See coordinate operation method Lambert Cylindrical Equal Area (code ) for ellipsoidal form. Differences of several tens of metres result from comparison of the two methods. The first projected map is a Mercator, which is a conformal map (we will look at the Mercator in greater detail later).

Notice that the BASIC shape of the head is held true, but the area is severely distorted. In the second instance of projection, an equal area map is shown. So-called equal-area projections maintain correct proportions in the sizes of areas on the globe and corresponding areas on the projected grid (allowing for differences in scale, of course).

Notice that the shapes of the ellipses in the Cylindrical Equal Area projection above are distorted, but the areas each one occupies are equivalent.

The map's purpose narrows your choices, but doesn't determine a projection. After all, there are many conformal projections, many equal-area projections, and many compromise projections. The next step in choosing a projection is to decide on the class of projection: cylindrical, conic, or azimuthal.

Family of cylindrical map projection 1. Family of Cylindrical Map Projection Nisa Manzoor Nasir Mughal 2. Topic Simple Cylindrical Map Projection Cylindrical Equal area Projection Mercator’s Projection / Cylindrical Orthomorphic Projection Transverse Mercator’s Projection(also called UTM) 3.

This projection is an equal-area cylindrical projection suitable for world mapping. Projection method. Cylindrical—standard parallels are at 30° N and S (a case of Cylindrical Equal Area). Lines of contact. The two parallels at 30° N and S. Linear graticules. Meridians and parallels are linear.

Properties Shape. The cylindrical equal-area projection for a new map of Eurasia and Africa. G 58 C29 V.2 NO.6 Landslide lakes of the northwestern Great Basin / by Richard Joel Russell. Define cylindrical projection. cylindrical projection synonyms, cylindrical projection pronunciation, cylindrical projection translation, English dictionary definition of cylindrical projection.

in 16th-century Europe, the rise of the renaissance saw science become the new religion. In this age of exploration and discovery--of both the. toward the periphery of the map projection. Scale increases perpendicular to the radii toward the periphery.

The Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area projection is mathematically based on a plane tangent to the earth. It is the only projection that can accurately represent both areas and true direction from the center of the projection. EPSG Projected coordinate system for United States (USA) - onshore and offshore.

Uses spherical projection formulae. USGS documentation describes sphere as derived from GRS80/WGS84 ellipsoid but that actually used is Clarke For million and smaller scale maps there is no significant difference.

For small scale (million and smaller) statistical mapping. The map projection is the image of the globe projected onto the cylindrical surface, which is then unwrapped into a flat surface. When the cylinder aligns with the polar axis, parallels appear as horizontal lines and meridians as vertical lines.

Cylindrical projections can. Find out information about equal-area map projection. A map projection having a constant area scale; it is not conformal and is not used for navigation. Also known as authalic map projection; equivalent map.

The Hammer-Aitoff Projection. This map projection is an equal-area map projection which displays the world on an ellipse. However, it is completely unlike the Mollweide projection.

In the conventional case, the parallels are curved, and there is no stretching at the center of the map. Define equal-area map projection. equal-area map projection synonyms, equal-area map projection pronunciation, equal-area map projection translation, English dictionary definition of equal-area map projection.

equivalent map projection, Eckert projection, cylindrical map projection, Cartographic projection. Thesaurus Antonyms Related Words. Look in Projected Coordinate Systems, Continental, Africa.

If you want to modify it, say to change the Africa Albers to be more southern Africa focused, select it, the right click and select copy and modify. Give it a new name, edit the parameters that you want to, ie change the standard parallels to be more in southern Africa (, ?) Then Reviews: 5.

We construct an area preserving map from a cube to the unit sphere S 2, both centered at the precisely, each face F i of the cube is first projected to a curved square S i of the same area, and then each S i is projected onto the sphere by inverse Lambert azimuthal equal area projection, with respect to the points situated at the intersection of the coordinate axes with S by: In this map, South America, Australia and Africa are "on top" and the rest of the continents are "down under." The Hobo-Dyer Equal Area Projection map challenges basic assumptions of what should be "up" and "down" in one's view of the world and its geo-political entities.

This map shows Southern Africa, Australia and South America on top while. The disadvantage is that it distorts the size of things. The farther north or south you go, the bigger the land gets.

For example, Greenland on a cylindrical map is the size of Africa, when in reality it is much much smaller than Africa.